With a little over 25 weeks to go until JamboRí 2018 it’s time to get some of those things done that we need for the biggest scout event in Ireland in 10 years. Here’s a list of 7 things you can do right now to Bí Ullamh! (That’s Irish for Be Prepared).

1. Check your Tents

No one wants to arrive onsite to a moldy tent, find a broken pole, or worse; no poles at all!



2. Set up your Patrols

Whether you’re in our Patrols in Action Sub-Camp or not we’ll be making use of the patrol system throughout the camp! Have a look at our first programme resource for scouts: Forming Patrols. While you’re at it, why not check out the Scout Programme!



3. Get Making!

At JamboRí you’ll meet so many new people and make loads of new friends from across the country and around the world. Why not be prepared to have some things ready to swap with them? Badges, Spare Neckerchiefs and Crafts are all really cool. What could your Patrol or Crew put together for JamboRí?

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4. Get to meet some International Friends


5. Find out EVERYTHING you need to know*

*so far….

The Story so Far is our infopack for everyone planning to attend JamboRí 2018. It’s got all the information you should need so far. And, if you’ve any more questions make sure you reach out to us on facebook messenger, email, or even phone or post.


6. Get your Pioneering skills up to scratch

We’ll have space on each site for some camp gadgets. Why not brainstorm and see what cool ideas you and your group can come up with. (P.S. we’ll be releasing some requirements for pioneering health and safety in the near future)




7. Make sure you’re going!

As much as we’d like to, we can’t organise a jamboree for nothing. Food, the site, activities and programme materials all cost money. You’re not booked in until you’ve paid your first deposit of €20 (per person) and the first installment of €100 is due by February 10th!

If you’ve signed up and not received a message about payment make sure to get in touch with payments.sij2018@scouts.ie pretty nifty!

What do you think? Have you got some great tips to get ready for JamboRí 2018? Make sure to comment below, message us, or share with us on facebook or Instagram!