1. Go kayaking on Lough Hyne at Night

The night kayaking sessions take place on Lough Hyne in West Co. Cork. Lough Hyne is a Marine Nature Reserve and the home to a huge range of plants and animals, of which cannot be found in any other place in Ireland. One unique aspect to the kayaking is that there are bioluminescent Plankton in the lake. Meaning, if you are lucky enough, you can experience the plankton light up in the water below every time you move your paddle.


2. Go Blo Karting in Bundoran

Bundoran is known for being the surf capital of Ireland, but it has many other adventurous activities to partake in. From kayaking, coasteering, SUPing, and of course the wonderfully bizarre blo karting. It is a unique adventure sport that involves sitting in a beach buggy with a sail and flying down the beautiful beaches of Donegal. Blo karting is available at the TurfnSurf hostel and surf school.


3. Go SUPing on Lake Isle, Innisfree

Stand up paddle boarding or SUPing is a fun way of letting one connect with the water, the scenery, and the environment. You can hop on one of these paddle boards with SUPFORALL and paddle your way around Lake Isle in Co. Sligo. The people at SUPFORALL are so confident in their teaching skills, believing that they can teach you to paddle and not fall into the water, that you can keep your clothes on when paddle boarding. Rather than putting on a cold wetsuit that’s been worn by several different people. Kids, adults and even dogs are all welcome to experience this cool water activity.


4. Go on a bat walk in Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

Glendalough has several hiking trails winding around its lakes. It creates the perfect combination of beautiful ruins with the crisp fresh air. But a very popular thing to do here is the bat walk. It is held in August, starting with an introductory talk and followed by a stroll down to the Information Office. Then, at dusk, hundreds of bats pour out from the attic of the Information Office. You then follow them through the forest using bat detectors. But don’t forget to bring your bug spray! As the midges will be out in force.


5. Climb a sea stack off the coast of Donegal

Ireland’s sea stacks are some of the least visited landforms in Ireland. In fact, fewer people have visited the sea stacks than the moon. And more than 100 of them sprout from the sea off Donegal. Take a trip to Donegal to get a nerve-jangling taste of climbing up Berg Stack, near Glencolmbcille. A place with zero phone signal, but you will have never felt more connected. Unique Ascent is the group to contact if you want to book yourself into this thrilling experience.