Irish, or Gaeilge, is a language that is on the rise and is being used more and more in everyday life. And whilst most Irish people have some sort of grasp on the language, there are always new words and phrases to be discovered everyday. So we have compiled a list of phrases that can be tried and tested when at the JamboRí or on any other camp. And of course we’ve also included a list of common phrases and sayings for our international campers to have a go at. We understand that pronunciations won’t be easy for people from outside of Ireland. So why not ask a fellow Irish camper upon your arrival at the JamboRí to help you out. And who knows, you may then make a new friend as well as learn a new language.

Irish Phrases/Sayings To Use On Camp

  • Tent – Puball
  • Sleeping bag – Mála Codlata
  • Hiking Boots – Buataisí Siúlóid
  • Map – Léarscáil
  • Compass – Compás
  • First Aid Kit – Fearas Garchabhair
  • Campsite – Ionad Campála
  • Forest – Foraois
  • What Scout group are you in? – Cén grúpa gasóga ina bhfuil tú?
  • Where can I place my tent? – Cén áit ar féidir liom mo phuball a chur?
  • Can you light the fire? – An féidir leat an tine a lasadh?
  • Where is this activity taking place? – Cá bhfuil an gníomhaíocht seo ar siúl?


Common Irish Phrases/Sayings

  • Hello – Dia dhuit
  • Goodbye – Slán
  • Please – Le do thoil
  • Thank you – Go raibh maith agat
  • Excuse me – Gabh mo leithscéal
  • My name is _____ – _____ is ainm dom
  • I am from _____ – Is as _____ mé
  • How are you? – Conas atá tú?
  • I am feeling great – Tá mé ar mhuin na muice
  • I am exhausted – Tá tuirse an domhain orm


Ready to put these into practice (and figure out how to pronounce words as gaeilge?) Make sure you’re booked into JamboRí ’18, or get a ticket to visit us!

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