Last updated: 23 September 2017

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What are the dates of the event?
The event will take place from 25th July to 2nd August 2018 at Stradbally Hall, Co Laois.

How much does it cost?
The National Managment Committee has set the JamboRí fee at €320. The JamboRí fee will include all camp fees, programme, food, celebrations and camp issue (including badges, neckerchief and camp handbook). The fee will apply to all attendees (adult, youth, participant, JST etc).

Who can attend?
This is an event for Scouts, Guides and Venture Scouts from Ireland and from WOSM and WAGGGS member associations worldwide.

In Scouting Ireland, the Scout age range is 12-15years and the Venture Scout age range is 15-17years. International visitors should consider this when registering, as the programme will be designed for those age ranges. Any questions can be sent to sij2018@scouts.ie. We understand this does not directly align with other countries, particularly in the UK so we are happy to discuss with you how this may work.

Adult Scouters may attend with Scouts or Venture Scouts or join the JamboRí Service Team (JST). Rover Scouts can join the JamboRí Service Team (JST).

I want to book now – When can I do so?!
Brilliant! You can book in now here.

How will the camp work?
This is a traditional Scout jamboree. Scout Troops will camp together with their Scouters on a subcamp. Venture Scouts will camp with their Scouters on a Venture Scout subcamp. There will also be a Patrols in Action subcamp for experienced Lone Patrols camping without Scouters. We hope to have a family subcamp if there is sufficient interest.

What about Beaver Scouts and Cub Scouts?
Scouting Ireland has a Jamboree aimed specifically at these sections, called JamÓige. Beaver and Cub Scouts will be able to visit JamboRí 2018. The Beaver and Cub day will run on the Saturday of the JamboRí and will include a half day of programme activities and a half day of site tours. More details will be available closer to the time.

What is the payment schedule?

A deposit of €20 is required to confirm your booking. The next stage payment (€100 per participant) is due by 10 November 2017. Stage three payment is due by 9 February 2018 (€100 per participant) and the final payment is due by 13 April 2018 (€100 per participant).

Can my family come?

The families of Scouters and JST can attend. Click the image below for information on Wonderland subcamp.

What’s the plan for subcamps?
There will be 6 subcamps for Scout Troops. There will be a Venture Scout subcamp, a JamboRí Service Team subcamp and a Patrols in Action subcamp. The Patrols in Action subcamp is for lone Patrols, who may camp without Scouters. We hope to have a family subcamp if there is sufficient interest.

How are the subcamps decided?
The 6 main subcamps will be coordinated and staffed by a Scouting Ireland Scout Province. Some of the Troops assigned to that subcamp will be from that Scout Province, but not all. There will be a mix of international visitors on all subcamps.

How much space will each Troop get?
Your site will be allocated based on the number of people camping in your Troop. A designated area will be allocated per patrol. You will be given details of this closer to the event.

What is the required Scouter to Patrol ratio?
Scout Troops and Venture Scout Units should operate in line with the ‘Camping and Adventures in the Out of Doors’ policy. More details on the Patrols in Action subcamp will be released in coming months.

There will be a cap on the number of Scouters that camp with a Troop. Additional Scouters should apply to the JamboRi Service Team to help make the event happen.

Can Venture Scouts camp with the Scouts from their Scout Group?
The Venture Scout subcamp will be geared specifically towards Venture Scouts, and they will all camp there.

What about staff?
Staff are called the JamboRí Service Team and will stay on the JamboRí Service Team subcamp. Where Scout Troops and Venture Units have large numbers of Scouters, we encourage any Scouters not needed on the site to sign up as JST. We need as many high quality JST as possible to make this event happen.

How does the programme work?

There are six days of Scouting ‘day’ programme, six zones and six subcamps. Each subcamp will visit each programme zone over the course of the six days. There will also be programme on the subcamps on some evenings, but Troops should be prepared to offer some programme themselves in the evenings. You will be on an amazing site with thousands of other scouts, it would be a shame not to tie up with other groups and make lasting friendships. Troops should also have their own plan for a ‘rainy day’ programme in hand. The programme will patrol-based, and will comprise patrol challenges of different types.

What about Venture Scouts?
Venture Scouts will participate in work and play programme. Venture Scouts will participate in 3 days of programme and will give 3 days of service to making the event happen. The service days will be in areas which are of specific interest to each Venture Scout.

Can Venture Scouts be on staff?

JamboRí Service Team is for those over 18 only. Venture Scouts can sign up for the Venture Scout programme.

Will there be free time?
There will be plenty of time for everyone to relax/socialise/meet new people!


Book here!

Do we have to pay a deposit?
A deposit of €20 is required to secure each person’s place.

Do we need names of Scouts attending?
Not at this stage. Names will be required closer to the event.

Can we rent/borrow equipment?

A limited amount of equipment can be made available to groups travelling significant distances (ie America, Asia etc). Email us to let us know if you are interested in this option.

For UK and European groups, we can accept deliveries of your shipped equipment onsite at Stradbally.

I want to change the numbers of my booking slightly – How do I do this?

You can email the details, including your unique reference number to bookings.sij2018@scouts.ie – Changes can only be made in accordance with booking policies.

How do I increase the number of Scouters – the system won’t let me?

The number of Scouters is auto-calculated based on a fixed formula derived from Scouting Ireland policies. If additional adults from your group wish to attend, they can sign up as JamboRí Service Team and help to deliver the event.

When I enter my password on the booking system, it says “invalid token” – What should I do?

Passwords for the booking system must be complex passwords and contain large and small letters, a number and an other character (?! etc). If you get this message, click the “forgot my password” link, follow the instructions and create a new password that fulfills these criteria.

I have registered a Scout section and when I try to register a Venture section, it won’t accept my email address – What should I do?

The booking system identifies applicants by their email address, so each email address can only be used for one booking.

When do JST need to arrive?

JamboRí Service Team members generally will arrive Monday 23rd July 2018 and depart on Saturday 4th August 2018. Some teams may have slightly different requirements and these will be notified when jobs have been allocated.

Can JST pick their own job?
There will be many opportunities for those who wish to get involved as JamboRí Service Team in all departments. There will also be key roles/team lead positions being recruited over the next few months, so keep an eye out! JST can express their preference for a particular job category. It can’t be guaranteed that JST will get their desired job but we’ll do our best.

JST from Scouting Ireland must be 18+ and registered as “Adults in Scouting” (Rover Scouts/Scouters). Adults in Scouting from other countries can apply also.

How much is the JST fee?
The JST fee will be the same as the participant fee.

Food and drink

Is food included?
Yes! There will be a food depot where participants can pick up their food, which is to be taken back to site and prepared. While all perishable food will be made available on a daily basis, you will need to provide adequate and safe food storage for other items. We will facilitate the freezing of blocks for cooler boxes.

Can allergies and food intolerances be accommodated?
Yes, when you confirm the names of attendees, you can advise of us of any particular needs.

What about JST?
JST food will be provided and served onsite. Special arrangements will be made for those working shifts, such as security and site services.

Will there be a bar onsite?
There will be a Scouters Club where Rover Scouts and Scouters can socialise. No alcohol will be served and no alcohol is permitted onsite.

Can we bring our own food for a reduced fee?

Unfortunately this is not possible.

Our age groups don’t exactly align with the Scouting Ireland ages. Can we still come?

Of course! Programme will be aimed at the event’s age groups, so younger Scouts may find it a little more challenging. However all young people should be able to engage with it. Over the coming months we will appoint a liaision for international groups who will be able to discuss your specific needs.

Can you arrange our internal transport for us?

Unfortunately given the size of the event, we cannot book elements of your trip for you. However we will provide you with information on providers, and the international liaision will give as many helpful deatils as possible.

If we want to stay longer, can you recommend other places for us to visit?

Of course, Scouting Ireland has some great national and local campsites. Many of these offer indoor accomodation also. More details here.

Do we need a visa for Ireland?

Some countries outside the EEA require a visa to enter Ireland. Further information here.

Can international groups attend?
Yes! International groups from WOSM and WAGGGS member associations are very welcome. An international liaison will be assigned to each international group to provide advice on travel and give information on other things worth seeing and doing in Ireland on your trip.

Can an Irish Scout Group ask to camp alongside an international group which it twins with?

Is there public transport to Stradbally?

The nearest train station is Portlaoise, which is regularly served from Dublin.

The no. 73 bus travels between Athlone and Waterford (including Longford on Sundays) serving Stradbally, twice daily. https://www.buseireann.ie/timetables/1473417837-73.pdf