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The theme of JamboRi ’18 is Stories Begin Here. Each Sub-Camp has been named after a fictional place in literature or film. We hope all participants of JamboRi, from Patrols and Venture Crews to Troop Scouters and JST, will get behind the theme of their Sub-Camp to bring their stories to life.

Every Scout and Venture Scout Programme Zone has been inspired by a Trailblazer- an individual who has inspired others in their field and has a unique story to tell. From the exploits of Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen, to the philosophy of the Native American tribal leader, Chief Seattle, we hope the life stories and vision of each of these Trailblazers will present each participant with programme to spark their imagination and excite!

There will be six programme days consisting of six Programme Zones for Scouts in their Patrols.

There will be three programme days and three Programme Zones for Venture Scouts.

Scouts and Venture Scouts do not need to sign up for any of this programme, everyone will have an opportunity to take part in everything!

There will also be plenty of drop-in programme opportunities in the JamboRi Village in addition to Sub-Camp programme in the evenings and on Sub-Camp Day.

The JamboRi programme has been designed for active participation by EVERY Scout and Guide, rather than just passive watching. Your job as Troop/Unit Scouter is to ensure that each Scout actively takes part in the programme. Each day they will have the opportunity of using hand, mind and body in active Scouting. The programme will range from traditional Scouting activities such as pioneering projects and survival skills to wider fields such as forensic science, silent discos and film shooting. The Programme is geared towards participation in Patrols/Crews and will provide participants with ideas and practical supports to bring back and share with their Group after the JamboRi.

It is essential that each Patrol/Crew is accustomed to working in their Small Group prior to JamboRi ’18. Supports and useful resources for Patrols and Crews are available via and

Scout Trailblazers / Zones

Venture Scout Trailblazers / Zones