Scout Subcamps

See the Subcamp Overview

Subcamp HQ

This is the nerve centre of your camp. Here you should be able to find the answers to any of your problems.


On arrival at your Sub-Camp, staff will point out to you your nearest water-point for drinking water and washing water. From there you will have to carry your water in containers (which you must provide) to your campsite. Take care not to spill water, so as to prevent muddy ground. Washing is ONLY to be done at your Troop/Unit site – not at the water-point. Emphasise this point to all members of your Troop/Unit.


There will be no electricity available to Troops/Units on the Sub-Camp. However, limited phone charging facilities will be available in the JamboRi Village at a small cost.


There are a number of toilets on your Sub-Camp. Give the following instructions to members of your Troop/Unit:

  • Use a torch at night.
  • Wash your hands afterwards at the washing facilities provided.
  • Use the toilet cleanly and hygienically and leave it as you would like to find it.
  • Do not urinate or excrete in any other part of the campsite.
  • General washing and brushing of teeth to be done on your site.


The staff in the Sub-Camp Headquarters will do their very best to help you with all your questions and problems.


A professional Service Team will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the toilets and waste management areas. Your help is essential if we are to have a clean and hygienic camp.

Sub-Camp Programme

The Sub Camp Programme staff will:

  • Coordinate the Sub-Camp’s participation in the central JamboRi programme.
  • Carry out Sub-Camp programme activities such as Campfires, Games & Concerts.
  • Encourage Scout Patrol/Venture Scout Crew and inter-Patrol/Crew activities.
  • Facilitate Patrol Leader’s Councils and Troop Leader Meetings in order to update participants on information relating to the daily Programme & Sub-Camp life.

Troop/Unit Responsibilities

It is expected that Scouts, Venture Scouts and Accompanying Scouters will help in the following ways:

  • Clearly mark off the boundaries of your Troop/Unit site.
  • Maintain at all times a security watch on your camp avenues, i.e. site and surrounding areas, particularly on visiting days.
  • Keep your campsite and bordering camp avenues clean, at all times.
  • Do your part in keeping the Sub-Camp facilities and public areas of the camp generally clean and in good condition.
  • Assist in the final cleaning up of the campsite on the closing days.