JamboRi ’18 is divided into seven Scout Sub-Camps, including one dedicated Sub-Camp for Lone Patrols (single patrols attending without adult Scouters). In addition, there will be a Sub-Camp for Venture Scouts, a JamboRi Service Team (JST) Sub-Camp and a Family Sub­Camp (depending on interest). The Scout and Venture Scout Sub Camps will accommodate approximately 700 Scouts/Venture Scouts each.

The JamboRi Service Team is made up of adult Scouters and Rover Scouts from Ireland and abroad. All staff will wear a distinctive staff neckerchief.

Once assigned to a Sub-Camp, participants will be contacted by their Sub-Camp Chief to introduce them to their Sub-Camp Team. The Sub-Camp is the unit of administration for JamboRi ’18. All requests for assistance should be directed to the Sub-Camp Teams.

Your Sub-Camp Chief will personally welcome you to JamboRi upon arrival. We are looking forward to nine memorable days together with you!

Your Sub-Camp Staff will consist of fifteen staff members who have all jointly prepared for your arrival. These staff are responsible for the running of your Sub-Camp and they will do their very best to make your stay interesting and enjoyable.

Within each Sub-Camp are located the toilets and water supply. The heart of each Sub­Camp is the Sub-Camp Headquarters.

Each Sub-Camp, which is named after places from stories of adventure, has its own distinctive colour and identity .