The latest from the Irish National Jamboree 2018
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Announcement: Venture Scout Bookings Open Again

Our bookings team have had a couple busy weeks since we closed the initial round of Venture Scout bookings. Due to us freeing our reserved spots and some groups sending less than they initially intended we can now open bookings for a limited number of Venture Scouts....

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7 Things You Can Do To Be Prepared for JamboRí Right Now

With a little over 25 weeks to go until JamboRí 2018 it's time to get some of those things done that we need for the biggest scout event in Ireland in 10 years. Here's a list of 7 things you can do right now to Bí Ullamh! (That's Irish for Be Prepared). 1. Check your...

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Info Pack 1 Updates! Corrections & New Info!

We've been busy at JamboRí HQ preparing for the biggest event Scouting Ireland has hosted in the last ten years! Today we're releasing an updated version of our first info pack that contains a couple small corrections as well as some new information including: Reduced...

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New Website, Same JamboRí

Welcome to the new Jambo-Ri.ie! We've been busy building a platform to promote, inform and excite for JamboRí 2018. We'll be constantly updating you through this site as well as our facebook page but keep an eye out for the JamboRí team across the rest of the...

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