Venture Scout Programme

The theme of JamboRí 2018 is Stories Begin Here. Each Sub-Camp has been named after a fictional place in literature or film. We hope all participants of JamboRí 2018, from Patrols and Venture Crews to Troop Scouters and JST, will get behind the theme of their Sub Camp to bring their stories to life.


You will be allocated a site on your Sub-Camp, it is up to you and your Crew to make it unique. You will spend the next nine days living off this site, consider what you may want to build to make your life as easy as possible. Sample site layouts and gadgets will be communicated in the lead-up to JamboRí 2018 which will provide you with ideas rather than rules to follow!


Crew cooking is fundamental to Venture Scout Programme and we hope that you will prepare for this in the lead up to the JamboRí. We are asking that every Crew will build an alter fire. You should be prepared to cook, eat and clean as a Crew for the duration of JamboRí 2018 – please see JamboRí Sub-Camp Information for more information on your Troop / Unit site.


We have set aside time for your Crew to meet every evening, this will provide you with an opportunity to review your day and give any feedback. There will also be Venture Executives at the JamboRí, these will be facilitated by your Sub-Camp. As a Crew you will nominate your representative to this Venture Executive, who will give your feedback to the Sub-Camp team and will play a vital role in the Sub-Camp. More information on this aspect will be circulated in the coming months.

Evening Programme & Ceremonies

There will be plenty of drop-in programme opportunities in the JamboRí Village in addition to Sub-Camp programme in the evenings and on Sub-Camp Day.

The Opening Ceremony of JamboRí 2018 will take place on the evening of Wednesday evening 25th July 2018. The Closing Ceremony will be held on the evening of Wednesday 1st August with Sub-Camp Closing Ceremonies taking place on the morning of Thursday 2nd August.

Day Programme

Every Scout and Venture Scout Programme Zone has been inspired by a Trailblazer- an individual who has inspired others in their field and has a unique story to tell. From the exploits of Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen, to the philosophy of the Native American tribal leader, Chief Seattle, we hope the life and vision of each of these Trailblazers will present each participant with programme to spark their imagination and excite!

There will be three days of Venture Scout Programme Zones. You do not need to sign up for any of this programme, everyone will have an opportunity to take part in everything!

During these programme zones, you will have the opportunity to;`
RíImagine, RíDiscover and RíCreate

Venture Scout Trailblazers

Chief Seattle

Native American Chief

Cory Richards

Adventurer / Photographer

Duke Kahanamoku

The Father of Modern Surfing